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Tir Na Nog, ahoy!

2009-11-17 14:32:54 by GoldenTot

So I've started a new animated series using sprites from the ever popular MMORPG, Maple Story! I've noticed a lot of Maple Story animations are more or less shunned here but my most recently uploaded animation, Tir Na Nog : Episode 1, actually has a pretty decent score! I was pretty surprised and happy about the score and all the nice comments, so for those who contributed to that, THANK YOU!

I'll be working on the second episode within short time, if I'm not utterly consumed into Phantasy Star 0 (best DS game EVER), haha.

Stick around for a while and check out the animations I will continue to throw around Newgrounds, guys!


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2009-11-19 00:23:01

LOL Hey Tate! First comment! This happens to be TheJSTProductions, one of your biggest fans. I found out you joined Newgrounds, so I decided to com and meet you here since I already joined! :D Anyway, Tir Na Nog is awesome, you animations too, and the happy birthday to xJun3BuGx was funny, Anyway, I bid you good luck on your animation series. Yeah I've noticed that Maple animations here are shunned and stuff, you get way better feedback on Youtube, but I'm willing to work with you to make them unshunned. :)


2009-11-19 16:12:34

Keep 'em coming! I'm impressed!

And finally! You've put these things on Newgrounds as well as YouTube. Keep up the awesome work!



2009-11-24 11:31:21

LOL didn't know that you where on newgrounds


2009-11-26 11:28:29

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GoldenTot responds:

Thank you, for I am now educated.


2009-11-28 11:57:32

I love your icon! Happy animating!


2009-11-28 14:38:42

Thank you tate for ruining my day and ruining newgrounds.Now you are going to lure all your faggot fan girls from youtube.You know...Maplestory is gay.It's played by autistic 10 year old "OH SO KAWAAAAAAAI LOLOOLOLOLOL" girls(Maybe even guys) who use the explanation "LOL AM LAZY SO I DUN MAK FLASH".Go enjoy your 10s until you wake up and discover in what world you live

GoldenTot responds:

Everyone has their own opinion on games. I find Maple Story a decent amount of fun, so I play it. If it really bugs you that much, I'm not FORCING you to view my animations.


2009-11-28 16:37:48

is this because you can't animate on your own?

GoldenTot responds:



2009-11-29 07:53:15

Oh come on tate i'm just trying to be the good guy for one time and look what happens.I get spammed by 10 year old maplefags.Believe me i would kill a person when i was addicted to maplestory but now i somehow found out the truth and the truth is that maplestory sucks,nexon sucks,every nexon game sucks(Or not?) but still nexon sucks.If you want more information about Nexon's suckage you should visit encyclopedia dramatica and search maplestory(No it doesn't say about...*comes closer* The "incident"


2009-11-29 07:54:53

Oh and by the way pm me if you want to know about the "incident"

GoldenTot responds:

Lol sure I'm curious.


2009-11-29 21:55:07


GoldenTot responds:

um no u ok


2009-12-05 20:08:19

cool story bro


2010-07-01 09:57:58

It look like i have commented on your profile page,STRANGE ISNT IT?!


2010-07-09 17:17:46



2010-07-09 17:20:38

dude tate i never thought id see you and your animations on ng i always freaking laughed with your fluidanims animations my favorite was rock paper stick