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Uh so hi.

2011-04-28 04:28:11 by GoldenTot

Haven't posted shit here in a dick year. Let's go for it, I guess? I'll post full body shit here, unless I think it's actually funny for some stupid reason.

Stick comedies YEEEEE.

2010-07-09 17:56:53 by GoldenTot

I've decided to begin submitting my stick figure comedy sketches here as well as YouTube and FluidAnims. Hope you guys enjoy 'em and shit.

Tir Na Nog, ahoy!

2009-11-17 14:32:54 by GoldenTot

So I've started a new animated series using sprites from the ever popular MMORPG, Maple Story! I've noticed a lot of Maple Story animations are more or less shunned here but my most recently uploaded animation, Tir Na Nog : Episode 1, actually has a pretty decent score! I was pretty surprised and happy about the score and all the nice comments, so for those who contributed to that, THANK YOU!

I'll be working on the second episode within short time, if I'm not utterly consumed into Phantasy Star 0 (best DS game EVER), haha.

Stick around for a while and check out the animations I will continue to throw around Newgrounds, guys!